Amazon Affiliate Program

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Amazon Affiliate Program

The Amazon affiliate program  is one of the most popular online affiliate programs, and there are thousands of people who earn a substantial income, either working at the Amazon affiliate program part time for a secondary income, or even full time as their primary source of revenue. Some people are making a really good whack out of it, how about you?

The Amazon affiliate program  is probably the biggest and best tangible product affiliate programs around today. That said, there are no guarantees that it will work for you. For every person who goes on to make a good living with the Amazon affiliate program, there are plenty more who seem to spend hours and hours getting nowhere. Do you know what the secret is to becoming a successful Amazon affiliate? Well, it’s the same as lots of other things really, all you have to do is – work smarter, not harder.

That doesn’t mean that success will fall into your lap without a lot of hard work, but working hard in the right direction, at the right things is what’s most important here.

Amazon Affiliate Program Tips

Let’s look at one or two areas where you might be working hard but not quite smart enough. . .

  • Product Selection – the product selection is vast at Amazon, so there are definitely no excuses not to find exactly the right products to sell. The commission rates on these products are, however, quite low in comparison to other affiliate programs. For this reason many affiliates work on the assumption that promoting expensive products is the way to go, so you don’t have to sell many to get a good pay-out. This is one way of looking at it, but there is another way (there always is, isn’t there?) If you forget about the higher priced items and focus on the higher volume but lower cost stuff, stuff which is in a popular niche then you can often get in “through the back door” without having to compete with the other affiliates who are promoting the expensive stuff. Let me give you an example – if you promote, say, ski socks, and then let Amazon take over promoting related products with their own super-duper technology (ski gloves, goggles, jackets, boots etc) then you can often get in through the back door. Just stop for a minute . . . . I bet you’ve thought of loads of examples already haven’t you?
  •  Product Reviews – the product reviews on the Amazon website are one of the most valuable sales tools around. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling something for $20 or $100, a good selection of product reviews is extremely important. People will often happily spend that little bit more for something which has good reviews, I bet you would too. Never under-estimate the power of the product review, so when you’re choosing which products you want to promote – make sure that you find one with great reviews rather than one with no reviews at all.
  •  Pre-selling with the Introduction – it’s important that prospective clients are kind of “drawn in” to buy the product naturally. It should seem like the next obvious step before they buy. They should be ready to press the “add to cart” button before they even get there. Make sure that you introduce your customer to the product with all of the information they could ask for, it should be well written and very informative, that way, when they get to Amazon they’ll already be sold and you should see you conversion rates virtually rocket onwards and upwards. Try a few testers if you don’t believe me. You’ll be amazed at the difference an informative website or blog can make which naturally leads them to buy the product as soon as they reach the Amazon website.
  • There are probably even affiliate plans for even such items as pet grooming or Medicare funeral benefits.

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